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さつまあげの揚立屋 | 甘すぎず、塩味控えめ さつま揚げを全国へ販売お届けします。

Enjoy your “A-Tsu A-Tsu” (sizzling hot) Satsuma-age!


With the motto, the customer will deliciously appreciate additive-free and healthy Satsuma-age,

Agetate-ya is formed by Tateishi Food Company which has a long history in Kagoshima.

Our first shop opened in 1993 to serve “freshly-fried” (agetate) Satsuma-age directly to

customers on the shop. Now there are more than 10 shops all over Japan, where you can

enjoy a great selection of our tasty products.

What is Satsuma-age?

"Satsuma-age" is made from deep-frying fresh minced fish paste. As an easy to eat original

fast food, it is famous nation-wide. In Kagoshima, it is known as "Tsuke-age" and adding a

slightly sweet seasoning is popular. Standard fillings are gobo or sweet potato, but we also

include our original seasonal ingredients, as well.

Our concept;

1, Atsu-Astsu (sizzling hot) Satsuma-age

As the name of Agetate-ya “freshly-fried-shop,” you can enjoy your favorite Satsuma-age to

do deep-fried right in front of you. Don’t burn your mouth with Atsu-Atsu!

2, Additive-free and Low-salt Products

With the motto to serve additive-free and healthy products to customers, our original recipe

uses a phosphoric free fish paste as a base and includes no preservative or additives for

your safety and health.

3, Taste Japanese Seasons!

You can enjoy our standard fillings such as sweet potato and cheese as well as our original

varieties. Kagoshima is blessed with abundant regional foods, where you can appreciate

the benefits of its seasons with our special seasonable products.